The P & A Partnership - Frequently Asked Questions


Who will I have my consultation with and who will handle our affairs?

Your initial meeting will always be with one of the partners of P&A. In fact you will be dealing with a partner for most of the time but a senior manager will handle some of the administrative procedures.

Will my problems get into the newspapers?

We do not communicate with the newspapers however sometimes they do find out about clients and their problems from other sources. We always maintain client confidentiality.

Will I lose my house?

We hope not but we will be able to advise you better when we have completed our investigations. We always try to find solutions that avoid this possibility.

The VAT man says he will make me bankrupt

Both the Customs and Excise and the Inland Revenue take a firm approach to overdue accounts. Your position will be much clearer once we have a better understanding of your financial position and the prospects for your business.

Is it OK to carry on trading?

If you have contractual work in progress and it is beneficial to complete it, then the answer will probably be yes. We will give you specific advice on this aspect once we have seen you, examined the terms of the contract and agreed the cost of completing the work.

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