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    Bereavement Support Payment


    You may be able to receive a Bereavement Support Payment if your husband, wife or civil partner died on or after 6th April 2017.

    You could be eligible if your partner either:

    When they died you must have been:

    You cannot claim Bereavement Support Payment if you're in prison.

    If your husband, wife or civil partner died before 6th April 2017 you may be able to get one or more of the following:

    Entitlement in 2019-20

    You will receive an initial payment and then up to 18 monthly payments. There are two rates.

    Rate First
    Higher Rate - if you receive Child Benefit or are entitled to it £3,500 £350
    Lower Rate - if you are not entitled to Child Benefit £2500 £100

    You must claim within 3 months of your husband, wife or civil partner's death to get the full amount. You can claim up to 21 months after their death, but your payments will be less.

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    Applying for Bereavement Support Payment

    If you live in:

    England, Scotland or Wales

    Click here to download form BSP1.

    Then send the completed form to:
         Bereavement Support Payment
         Mail Handling Site A
         WV98 2BS

    If you require any assistance, the helpline number is 0800 731 0469

    Northern Ireland

    There is a different process in Northern Ireland which is set out here.


    You can apply by phoning the International Pension Centre.

    The Telephone number is +44 (0) 191 218 7608

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    Click Here to download the current tax year's abacus Tax Tables pdf booklet

    Click Here to download the previous tax year's abacus Tax Tables pdf booklet


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